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Andreas Posch

I am Andreas Posch. I am a Sounddesigner and Composer from Salzburg/Austria,
and I am focusing on sound design and music for film and game.

What I’m up to:

creating unique sound designs for your computergames, film, animations
or anything that moves around on your screen.

composing music in different styles, from classical orchestration
to rock/pop music over to electronical music, to emphasize the emotions,
pictures or simply making your product sound awesome.

I am very experienced in post-production: editing and mixing your films
for TV, web or even cinema.

I can do the on-set-recording and post-production for your film project,
mix and master music tracks or create diverse radio/tv ads.

Besides designing sound and creating music, I like to cook, take some pictures,
a little bit of web and media design, and travelling around the world.

Download CV: en / de