Alpenzombies is a 25 minute short movie, which deals with the genres Heimatfilm and Zombie(splatter). I worked since August 2012 on this project and it was the final project for my bachelor degree. My role in the project was the “Head of Audio”. So I was responsible for all the stuff you hear. We were five guys in the audio department and each of us did on set recording. In the post production everyone had a different job to do. I wrote and recorded the soundtrack with real musicians, which were instruments like Flute, Trumpet, Flugenhorn, Tuba, Saxophone, Clarinet, etc. and did the sound design together with Andreas Nagl. As Zombiegrowls we used Burps and edited the sounds till we had a very nice, nasty zombiegrowl. It the end I mixed the entire movie. On the left side you see the teaser.

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Here’s a link to the full movie: ALPENZOMBIES – FULL MOVIE